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You all know now a day’s meditation is a very well-known thing. People are performing various kinds of meditations to lead a healthy and balanced life. Whatever, there are various kinds of ways you can perform meditation. Om meditation is one of these meditations. Read the full article to know details about Om mediation and its benefits. Hope you will learn how to perform Om meditation.

Meaning and significance Of Om

Om is the very first sound which came through the vibrations of the cosmic energy which created the whole universe. This Om sound is the manifestation of the creator of mankind as well as the whole universe. Om is actually self-begotten, as example, it happens to be on its own as well as does not require some other syllable to generate its sound. Reciting Om will give you a good sense of the origin of the universe, the moment chanted right, and Om’s sound reverberates throughout your entire body, filling it together with energy and harmony.

Om is present in every little thing – the every word we speak, the matters we work with, including ourselves. The regular chanting of Om will provide peacefulness to your mind, human body, and soul. The actual yogis of ancient Indian subcontinent understood the natural power of the Om mantra. As a result, they chanted it in order to connect to their soul. These people considered that it is present and lively within all of us and may expose itself solely via Om meditation.

Now, we will discuss on how to do Om meditation.

Om meditation And Its Technique

Meditation which involves the recitation of ‘Om’ or even ‘Aum’ is known as Om meditation. In Om meditation, the 2 main great spiritual property which are part of us – breath and sound – are merged to form an extensive meditation process.

Below are the processes of Om meditation.

1. Proper sitting:

Take a seat weather in the Vajrasana or the Lotus pose. If it is hard for you to sit down, sit on a desk chair. Make sure that your back is upright, and you also truly feel calm and cozy in your sitting placement. Always keep both hands either on your knees or your upper thighs. You may also keep them in your lap, having a single hand resting on the other. Clear your mind and sit down peacefully.

2. Eye Placement:

Softly shut the eyes or perhaps glimpse downward.

3. Breathing Pattern:

Shut your mouth and try breathe in the natural way. Ensure that the oxygen flows in and out just throughout your nose. Maintain your jaw muscle tissues calm and your lower and upper teeth a little bit parted rather than clenching them together or even touching each other. Notice your breathing while it flows in and out. Do not pressure it or even add any extras with it. Allow it to flow as it is.

4. Om chanting:

When you breathe in and out, chant ‘Om.’ Match the chant with your breath period instead of deep breathing to the chant. Break down the ‘Om’ into ‘A-A-U-U-M’. The very first two syllables together with your mouth opened broadly and the following two by pursing your mouth.

5. Merging All:

Carry on the Om chanting, trying to keep it in synchronize with your breathing. Normally, the pattern of chanting will certainly fall under place and chill out your mind. You may also chant ‘Om’ in your mind. Pay attention to the inner vibrations developed within your body while chanting ‘Om’. Slowly but surely, your being will certainly sink into its waves.

6. Entire Impact:

Since you slowly go much deeper into the meditation, the Om vibrations turn out to be smoother and subtle, nearly like a whisper. Gradually, it will eventually become quiet, and you also be aware that Om happens to be present and active within your body. You will observe that even your own breath slows down and even becomes mild.

Advantages Of Om Meditation:

  • Om meditation offers you peacefulness, calm, harmony, and peace of mind
  • It brings you nearer to your real nature as well as self
  • It is going to make you open-minded and take care of others excluding prejudice
  • Om meditation is usually healing and may also keep you healthy and balanced
  • It boosts your creative imagination as well as resourcefulness
  • Your spinal cord enhances
  • It detoxifies your entire body simply by removing the harmful toxins, always keeping you young and refreshing
  • It increases your focus
  • The Om vibrations wide open your nose (sinus) and clear it
  • Om meditation will certainly maintain your heart healthy and balanced

This is all for today. Hope you guys understand the process of Om meditation. I hope you all will practice it to have a healthy and balanced life. Make sure you comment if you have any question. Thanks to you all.